Investments for

Fun, Sense and Profit


Stratel AS is a family owned Norwegian investment and development company, founded in 1976 by Reidar Lorentzen. Stratel invests in entrepreneurs and companies with high ambitions, positive impact and a promising value potential. We invest in both startups, ventures and mature businesses.

Our investment philosophy is for Fun, Sense and Profit. 


Fun: Passion is a driving force and essential for what we invest in and who we work with. The synergi between the two makes it fun. Good partnering, with people we respect, is a condition for success and for the survival of our passion.


Sense: Signals our preference for companies and solutions with a clear positive impact on society. 


Profit: Is a must in order to obtain sustainability. Profit enables us to take risks, bear losses, make alternative choices, stay independent and participate in philanthropy. 


As an investor, our aim is to be an active, competent and constructive owner.

We do have a long-term view of our investments. Our exits are a result of what we find right for the company, our partners and our own interests. Stratel has obtained several successful exits. 


Our current investments include: 

reMarkableA paper tablet for people who prefer paper. 

ZEG PowerEfficient and flexible energy solution with CO2 capture. 

Mentis CuraEarly, accurate diagnostics for dementia and other brain disorders. 

RørosmeierietLeading Norwegian organic diary. 

No Isolation: Tailored communication tools to reduce loneliness. 

Diffia: Digital solution (Nimble) for increasing medical staff efficiency. 

HotelOnlineGame changing online booking solution for hotels in frontier markets. 

Huddly: Intelligent camera platform for amazing collaborative capabilities. 

Aims Innovation: AI-Powered application performance monitoring solution. 

Funding Partner: Connecting SMEs that want to borrow with investors seeking good returns. 

Smart Cylinders: An IoT solution to monitor industrial gas on cylinders. 

MinuendoHearing protection with uncompromised natural sound. 

Tempogene: Employs biotechnology in diagnostics and in optimisation of bio production with emphasis on salmon aquaculture

Sprell: Retail chain and webshop specialised on quality toys and products for children. 

Berlin Property Invest: Property development in central Berlin. 

Stratel participates in StartupLab FoundersKatapult Accelerator Fund 2,

Antler East Africa Fund 1 and Cocoon Capital ll LP.

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FundingPartner Logo-01.png

In addition to our credo for Fun, Sense and Profit, our logo also symbolises important values and is inspired by the life of the bees and their honeycomb: 

The bees positive impact and contribution for our sustainability is well known. The secret behind the shape of their honeycomb is less known. By using a hexagonal shape, they master to store the most amount of honey using the least amount of resources. The ingenuity behind this construction has been known since ancient times (BC) and regarded as a masterpiece of engineering. However, the honeycomb conjecture, was first proven in 1999 by the American mathematician Thomas C. Hales. 


For us, the honeycomb cells symbolises innovation, positive impact and sustainability, and the honeycomb construction itself symbolises productivity and superiority. All these are characteristics we find important and are looking for.

Stratel and our family has a long tradition for supporting social entrepreneurship and charity with grants and pro bono engagements. One channel for these activities is the family established Lobo Foundation (web). 


Stratel AS
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